Why Did You Leave?

Why did you leave?

I know that God knows ALL things, but if you have walked away from Him. What would your excuse be?

How would you answer His question of “Why did you leave?”

We make excuses to our parents, friends, church leaders and people we don’t even know about, why we no longer do Gods’ will, but if you had a face to face meeting with Him, what would you say?

We talk a BIG TALK around people, saying, “we don’t like religion”, or “He hasn’t answered my prayers.” We even make the reasoning surrounded around other Christians saying they are nothing more than hypocrites. You might even say, “I don’t care”

Are these the real reasons YOU walked away from God?

More than likely, if you were in a conversation with Him, you would be very quiet. Why? Because we ALL know what we should do. We know we should obey and follow the path God made.

Truth is…you know the way back home.
God wants you home.
Let’s go Home.

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