Book Reports

Book Reports:

I remember back in elementary school (back in 19-none of your business – haha) we were assigned books to read and at some point the teacher would call us up to give the infamous book report!

Insert (terror music here)

Standing in front of your peers to report on a book is NOT what every child wants to do! In fact, you could take me to the dentist and have him pull every tooth in my mouth and I would feel better than having to give a book report, especially on a book that I did not want to read.

Hello, today I want to tell you about (insert assigned book here), It was written by (insert author of the book here) It a really good book with a really good story,
You would then describe a portion of the book at at the end you would include this line….

Oh, you already know the line? You must have given a report!

Here is what EVERY child quoted.

“If you want to know more about this book, you will have to read it!”

What? You don’t tell the ending?

Of course not, your job was to encourage other to want to read the book you read!

I fell in love with a book.

I would love to tell you the story… It has impacted my life like no other book ever has. There is amazement, love and peace. There is direction, guidance and hope. There is sadness, joy and mystery. It’s about the beginning and the end and it tells me of the future.

I like what is says. You will too!

I keep reading it over and over and I get something from it each and every time!
It is amazing!
I would like to tell you the story…but you really need to read it yourself. Then we will compare notes.

The title of the book?
It’s called The Bible.
The author is God.
It’s a life changer.

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