To Her Soldier


I was going to retype this letter Mom wrote to Dad while he was in the Military, (he served in the Merchant Marines and then in the Army.)

Then I decided that it would be better to see the effort and time it took to write the letter, to her soldier. The one she loved and cared for.. from a tar paper house in a little community in Alabama.

I want you to see and feel the love found from the pen of an endearing love.

So here are the photos of the letter.



Laughter, Tears and Longing to be with the one you love.

This Veterans Day I remember those who are away from loved ones and live daily by the “letters” they receive from family, friends.

I remember those that have served and they remember what it was like to read their letters from a bunker, a bed, under a small light shedding the quiet tears of missing loved ones.

I remember love…..

Thank you for serving.

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