I Forgot It Was There…

I Forgot It Was There…

On a Monday night at the Garage Bible Study, we were discussing about keeping our cup filled spiritually. After we turned the cameras off of Facebook live and Periscope, we have a further discussion about our topics.

I had proposed the question a bit deeper, “Why do we forget to keep our cup filled spiritually?” An answer came from one of the young men that has STUCK in my head and I think answers for MANY people.

His reply:

“Sometimes I go downstairs and get my water bottle and take it to my room. Then I begin texting my friends and get so busy, I FORGOT IT WAS THERE.”


So many times in our life we have a full bottle of water (spiritually), we worship, attend spiritual events, read, study. We are FULL, BUT, we set it aside. We get busy with life, jobs, school, activities. We forget that we have left a full bottle of spiritual growth to the side.

What’s the remedy?

Keep the bottle in your hand…Keep the heart open.
Drink often…..but stay thirsty. Don’t get enough of God and His word.
Keep it in sight…take away the distraction…Don’t conform to the world,

Don’t Forget It Is There!

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