So There is this Thing I Get to do…

So There is this Thing I Get to do…

For the last several years have had the opportunity to play the “Elf” at our Breakfast with Santa. I get to have a lot of fun, making jokes, laughing and the occasional outburst of a song with a child. The workers have created a wonderful place for a “photo op” they will come with excitement (and a few with tears) as they prepare to see our Santa. Our members work so hard to make this a special place for this special time.


I learn a lot from the children from this day.

Here is a list: (in no particular order)

Excitement is contagious! The energy just pours from them.
There is magic in there eyes…and their heart.
Wonder and amazement is seen.
The imaginative heart is still alive.
It’s okay to be a child…even at 57.
Love is rampant and felt.
People are thankful.

Some say it’s this time of the year that make children this way, but I say, I see children this way every day.

Hope I get to be the Elf again next year.

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