This Group Is Amazing

This group is amazing!
Tonight we caroled at Poplar Estates and The Bridge Assisted living homes.
It is one of those things where we go to lift others up by singing Christmas songs and laughing together.

Of course, I walk away lifted up.
I am lifted up by seeing the faces of the old that sing so many familiar songs with the young.
I am lifted up by seeing the young pour their heart out to bring happiness to the older.
I am lifted up when I see the faces of the Alzheimers residents. When your sing “Silent Night” and EVERY dormant mind becomes alive to sing the song with you.
( I will admit, my heart hurts every time I go there) but to see our teens love them and speak to them and spend a little time….
It lifts me up.

So our gift swap was different this year.
We had each gift come wrapped in a blanket. We swapped around, swiped from one another even gave each other the opportunity to get the one they wanted.
After all the swapping was done, They opened the gifts to reveal the candy, trinkets, gift cards. Everyone was seeming pleased.
They were happy with their blankets!

Then the question was asked, What are the things we need?
The answers were noted…food, clothing, shelter, love, Jesus.

Then they realized that they had all of those things…and more!
We talked about those who do not have and what we could do.

One of our younger girls spoke up and said, “I will give up my blanket if it helps!” “I have plenty at home!”

Put your blanket in the middle of the circle… She placed it there!
Is there anyone else that would like to give their blanket?
One by one the teens UNSELFISHLY gave up a blanket…for who?
For someone else!

The pile was big and the homeless will receive blankets from loving hearts. They will never know this story or who it was, but I am thankful that God knows these young peoples hearts!

Tonight I am lifted up and I cry tears of joy for my kids!

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