Shall We Go?

Today I made a trip back to Freed-Hardeman University. You may say, “well that’s nothing unusual for you!” True, but there was no campus event, no students to go and see. Today, I went back to the visitation of E. Claude Gardner who left this world after 92 years.

In a former writing, I expressed what he has meant to me as a mentor, brother in Christ and a friend.
I received a beautiful card from him… handwritten, perfect penmanship and VERY articulate. Even in the reading of the card, I could hear his voice… meek and gentle, yet full of encouragement and enthusiasm.

The first thing that I noticed as I drove on the the campus was the flag at half-mast. Appropriate. Then my mind drifted back. As I was at the visitation it was good to just listen, I am sure that the family heard thousands of times, “he remembered my name”.

I am convinced that over the past week, every person that had any association with this man thought of or told their story to someone.

A legacy left behind, a memory for the future.

As I left the campus today, I looked back at the flag, the old Bell tower, the new Bell Tower and snapped this picture. I thanked God for the opportunity to be here and for the opportunity to remember.

I laughed underneath my breath as I pull off the campus going home and uttered to myself…

Shall We Go!

I thank God for every remembrance of you!

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