7 Years

7 Years…

Took a trip down to the home place to make sure everything was in place. As I entered the door the smell of home was in the air. I took a moment just to take it in.

My mind drifted back to childhood as I looked in the kitchen and saw the red laminate counter top that has been there what seems like forever. The appliances are all in proper order. The coat rack on the wall still has your coat hanging there. Incidentally you would probably need to wear it today, there has been snow and ice.

In the living room, the memories flow on through. Your High School graduation picture and military photo sit on both sides of the flag that was folded at your funeral, it is on the coffee table right where Mom can see you.

Went to your room… there on the wall the awards you won from Tom’s Potato Chip company for salesman of the year and your work with Mutual Savings Life Insurance hang in there place. I’m really fond of the award with your picture engraved. You had a smile that would light up the world.

In one of the cabinets your razor and shaving cup is still there. There’s also a bottle of Vaseline Hair Oil, I will admit it I opened it up…and yes it smelled like hair oil!

It smelled like you.

Went to my room to call it a night….
There in my chair, one of the last gifts I gave you! An Alabama National Championship hat!
You would have had it on this year watching as they secured another Championship.

I miss the “Roll Tides” when they win. I miss the “Slide Tide” when they lose.

Truth of the matter is…
Dad, I miss you.

So on this 7th anniversary of you leaving us here. We remember…

P.S. Mom still talks about you…everyday!

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