I Love My Doctor!

I Love My Doctor

So today I had to take Mom to the doctor. Flu symptoms, possible pneumonia she just felt ROTTEN! Her chest was hurting from coughing, sneezing.

So off to the Doctor!!!

We got into the waiting room and they began to do all of the test…nose swab, chest X-ray, the whole routine….then the waiting on results…





Then I saw two things, the BIOHAZARD bucket and the WASH YOUR HANDS sign!

It hit me…everything we are going through is bad.

The virus was attacking, the bad germs were winning. All the SYMPTOMS were screaming, something has to get this virus out of me!

The doctor came to the rescue! Diagnosis made…remedy given. Healing to occur.


So you probably know where I am going with this.

We all have lived with a virus, it’s called sin!
It attacks, sometimes suddenly, sometimes over time.
But when it hits!
The soul cries out for help, it hurts, it reveals through the symptoms.

You can ignore it….but it is still there.

Yet, your symptoms grow…intensified.

You finally realize, you are not getting over this by yourself.

You go to the Doctor….his name is Jesus.
He doesn’t have to run test…he already knows.

You realize your diagnosis…

He says, I am the cure.

You are washed, made clean, Healed. Whole.

I love my doctor.

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