If Today Were Yesterday

If today were yesterday…

If today were yesterday, what changes would be made?
Would you get up earlier?
Maybe sleep a little later.
How much would your job matter?
Would you work a little harder? Would you quit?

Just what would you do…If today were yesterday.

How would you look to your friends and enemies?
Would you be a little kinder? Would you speak a little softer?
Would anger and strife even exist…
Would love continue?
Would they see a different you…

If today were yesterday…

What would your family notice?
A difference in your voice, more love, less hate.
More time…less wait.
Spontaneous laughter, eyes full of tears.
Hearts full of pain, minds full of fear.
Comfort, strength, assurance of hope.

Just what would they see?

If today were yesterday.

You control today, because yesterday is a past.
But what you do today, will be a memory that last.

Make today a day that tomorrow will see a better you!

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