They Make It Happen!

They Make It Happen!!!

How do you take a group this large to a large event like CYC? How does it work?

Well let me explain….

I don’t.

There I said it. I used to try and to do it all by myself, and I did pretty well. Now I don’t do it anymore. I can…but I don’t have too.

You see in this photo is everyone who makes it possible. My parents and volunteers who love our youth group!

I love them. Now I’m not going to mention names, but if you are reading this you will know who you are.
It starts tomorrow with a lady that will reserve our Chalets for next year. Yes, tomorrow to assure us a place to stay. She has done this for 5 years now and our accommodations have been excellent!

Then we have a man that orders and updates our tickets and purchase for this. He keeps up with the sign-ups and makes sure everyone has a spot!

When final numbers are secured one of our deacons reserves the buses and vans and makes sure EVERYTHING is in place for our group to travel safely. He secures the drivers for each van and that is their service for the weekend. They don’t chaperone, they serve our children and care for their safety as they travel.

The drivers secure a chaperone for each vehicle and they are specifically in charge of the teens on that van or bus. They are in charge of them. They ALL bond with the kids!

We have a volunteer that said, I want to cook!!! That he does well! Every meal is planned out and cooked so our kids can save money…a lot of money! His supporting staff jumps in and makes sure we are ALL taken care of!

We have those that chaperone the chalets (3 of them) to make sure they stay clean and that each person has a place to sleep.

Closing and clean up…NOTHING will be left behind and we will leave it better because of the people that take initiative.

Why do they do this?
Because they LOVE these YOUNG PEOPLE!

So Jerry, what do you do?
My role is simple…I get to minister. stay up late, cry and love and laugh and share the Lord with MY kids. They are some of the greatest! I thank God for this opportunity EVERY DAY! #jerryskids

Anticipating our next event! TOGETHER!

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