And I Was Cut in My Heart…

And I was Cut in My Heart

Reading Acts 2 and wearing the shoes and having the mind of those on that 50 days after Passover.

Jesus was still on the minds of many in that crowd. Many were still hyped about his crucifixion. Some were still thick skinned and calloused. It was time to move on…


That noise of a mighty rushing wind drew attention and I’m convinced like any other person, I would want to know where it came from. So did many others…

There were the apostles of the man that was killed, speaking, not with frailty, but with boldness and courage.

But what was strange about this? I understood them, I heard the message.

“They must be drunk!” shouted a few.

But then….Peter

The one that denied him, the one that was pretty rough. He spoke…

And everyone heard…even more…they listened…

To make the long story short, he gave the explanation of what had happened 50 days before.
Ha! Oh, wait did you say explanation?

He spoke about the prophets, he spoke of the works that Jesus did and were witnessed by many. He even threw out the name of King David. Pointing to the tomb where he is still buried.

I listened…even more, I listened.

And then… He said, it was us that did this to him, It was I that put him to death.
No big deal right? He was like all others!

Are you listening…He is the SON OF GOD!

Now my mind, my heart, my soul searches for any excuse to say ‘NO HE WASN’T!”
However, the evidence is clear… He is risen!

I want to disregard what Peter has said, but my heart wont let me.
I am responsible. I am guilty. I put him to death.

I realize I’m not alone…a few others are crying, weeping realizing what has happened. Some are shouting…

“What do we do?”

I want to know, how do we fix this? My heart is hurting…with pain…anguish.
How could WE,  no,  I have done this to him?

Listen to Peter…he will tell me what to do!
And then I heard him say firmly, boldly, with confidence…

“Repent, and be baptized for the forgiveness of your sins!”

How could I not do this? I asked, “How do I fix this?”

Listen, and do.

About 3000 did that day,


Over 2000 years has passed and I’m afraid that the hearts of people need touched again. Hearts are hard, Jesus is a passing thought.

With love and boldness and courage we stand to tell the world of whom we have crucified with our sins, praying we will touch the hearts of those that need Him, so that they will cry out!

“What do I do?”

The answer is still the same as it was 2000 years ago.

Will you listen? Will you obey?

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