How Do You Know Me?

How Do You Know Me?

When you look at the circle of your friends in your life, where do they come from? Have you ever thought about it?

When I was growing up… A LONG time ago now, family was the closest friends. Cousins, Aunts and Uncles etc.

Then you had school friends, you know, the grade school friends and then the high school classmates whom you will never forget! You will never be separated! How many do you remember?

You may have friends through college, work and various different ways.

More than likely you are my friend because of Jesus.

Let me explain…

You sat with me in VBS, in a children’s bible class.
You rolled (toilet papered) the preachers house with me. (because we loved him)
You sat down front as we sang and worshipped together.
You cried with me as we lost one of our group way too young because of cancer.

All of this…is because of Jesus.

Let me continue…

Because of a place like Freed-Hardeman University, I gained more friends, we took Bible classes together, we shared in groups like Pickin Time and Makin Music!
It is where I met my wife.
We shared in times of rejoicing together. We also shared in times of tragedy.
I remember praying ALL night long in Old Chapel Hall.
It is where my daughter received her education.

All of this…is because of Jesus.

And then there is this..
You are my friend throughout all of the different ministries that has taken place, Church camps, Youth Rallies, Horizons, CYC, EYC. retreats and lectureships, mission trips (stateside and foreign) serving others.

All of this… because of Jesus.

Let me wrap this up.

Without Jesus, I have NONE of this…

Because of Jesus and His church
I have my family.
I have my faith,
I have my friends!

I have you! Thank you Lord!

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