It’s Those Words…

It’s Those Words…

Words define.

Words establish.

Words build.

Words destroy.

Words encourage.

Words discourage.

Words hurt.

Words heal.

Words can be funny.

Words can be sad.

Words can be many.

Words can be few.

Words describe.

Words are helpful.

Words can be senseless.

Words can only be written and spoken from the person that thinks them and acts upon them.

Words are a reflection of the character and reputation of the person that says them.

The haunting fact that by my words that I write and say I will be held accountable for before God, encourages me to be very careful how I use them.

I pray that my words will be those that lift you up and not tear you down. 

I pray that my words magnify God in every syllable I speak.

I pray that my words make me a stronger servant for the Lord!

I pray I will be careful with my words.

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