Thanks to the Homefolks

I love my home state, “The Great State of Alabama” as my dear friend Dale Jenkins calls it! I love where I came from. Munford. Yes, thats my small town, population was small, they had two caution lights going down Highway 21, (Took one down when I left town!) 

Life was simple, not because of the town, but because of the people. Was it a perfect place? No, not in any way. Was it Mayberry? Well…I could bring a lot of comparisons. Fred Fullers Barber Shop, Smittys Ice Cream, Bossie Daniels Service station, Carters General Store. My Grandaddy Bittle even had a Rolling Store for trading goods!

But just like Mayberry, the people is what mattered. 

People took care of people and the Church was a central focus. Out of work? I remember people praying for jobs, and providing needs until one was obtained. Had a death, yes, I remember the “sitting up with the dead” times. People were fed, even when you didn’t have a lot on your table. I remember putting nickels in Mrs. Dixons box so a couple of children could get shoes. They had none. 

Were there problems? Just like any other town, people got in trouble. Teens had trouble. Adults had trouble.  

It wasn’t unusual for us kids to ride our bikes (bicycles) for miles. Spend time just sitting and talking and yes, even flirting with the ladies.  Friends don’t change…you just get more of them.

I was always thankful for the adults that became mentors, friends back then. I remember sitting at the preachers home on some nights that I thought my family would fall apart. I also remember “rolling his yard a few times”. We were taught trades, how to value your money, how to give back to God. 

If I were to give names of the people that were an influence in my life from this town, you would not have time to read them all. 

Who were they?

Simply… Christians.

They helped form me to who I am this day. Many of them are gone. Maybe I will tell you more about them later. I just hope I can pass on the love, faith and joy in the Lord that they instilled in me. 


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