Another Year – The Class of 2018

Another Year – The Class of 2018

Each year I reflect on the graduating class that I have. This year will be the 35th graduating class that I have seen since I have been in Youth Ministry. 


3 – 5.

Okay, now that I have that out of my system, let me begin with what I want to say.

Here are the things you WANT to HEAR!

Don’t forget these moments!

This is the best time of your life!

You will always be my BFF!

I will always be there for you!

I will never forget you!

and even more…

In the days to come, you will shed tears, (even the guys will.) You will write hundreds of notes, receive and send thousands of texts. Snapchat hundreds of photos for your story!

Just like your Snapchat photos, many of these things will disappear in time. 

Disappear? Yes, Disappear.

Here are some things that you NEED to HEAR!

1. The Best Moments of your life are what YOU choose for them to be. The decisions YOU make and have made will shape YOU into the man or woman from this point on!

2. YOU will choose the FRIENDS of your PRESENT and FUTURE!  New faces, new places will lead to new people. Many will be nice and kind, but not all. Some will use you and abuse you. Just remember YOU will make the choice of who will be in YOUR circle of friends.

Choose wisely. Make Godly friends.

3. Satan will work hard on YOU!  With the independence you gain, it takes away some of the security of the past. Mom and Dad are still in the picture, but away. Others that you have relied on will be away. Your peers who kept you honest may be gone. 

Believe me, I know…

There will be times that you feel alone! 

Simply put… You’re not.  Someone will be there for you! (reference #2)

4. God Loves You…Love Him Back! 

Obedience, church attendance, living for Him everyday. You don’t substitute your faith, or walk away from God.

5. Be the YOU that God expects YOU to be! The world will tell you to explore things outside of Gods’ way. Even your Mom’s and Dad’s hopes and dreams should NEVER overshadow that of God’s way, but be INCLUSIVE of Gods’ plan. 

Yes, there are things you WANT to hear and things you NEED to hear. As you continue your walk in this thing we call life, walk with God!

God Bless You All,

Love you ,

Mr. Jerry

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