These Two…

These two here are a mess!

We took a trip to “The Great State of Alabama” . However, this one was not a pleasure trip. With the passing of my cousin, it was time to take a trip home. Found out that we would have a get together to remember him later. 

So it was time for family.

You never know what will happen inside a family when a tragedy occurs, even when expected. Pulling into the drive of the home place brought back a flood of memories. After settling in, Mom said, “I need to see my brother” so it was time. Upon walking into the house we were met by cousins with tears. I guess what hurt the most was when I saw Mom take her older brother in her arms and share the hurt with him. 

She wouldn’t let go. 

89 and 86 are their ages, and yes it is starting to show. The slowness of thought, movement and even speech are evident. There is one thing that is crystal clear…


In pain, my uncle has always been a man of prayer, fervent, meaningful prayers. The “thee” and “thou’s” are from the training as a child, pour from the richness of his gentle and tender and humble heart. I listened more intently as he prayed, wondering if he would make it through. 

He didn’t miss a time, even though the voice would break, the resilience and power of his faith in God shined through that prayer. That’s why I look up to him!

With a little private time together, my uncle and I shared some thoughts. The here and now, what’s next. About time left. About the eternity ahead. 

All this time I watched mom…she doesn’t say very much. She took everything in. 

We are back in Tennessee, she is tired. She commented on the way home. “Son, the pages in my book are few, won’t it be grand to start a new book that never ends!”

That’s right Mom. I just hope my name is in that book.

I love my family, but these two pictured pointed the way to the path I’m on this day!

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