So It’s Been a Few Days…

So It’s Been A Few Days…

Yes I know, you have really missed all my posts! In fact, let me catch you up!

Last Saturday a dozen of us from Spring Meadows left to go and work with the Lexington Church of Christ in Lexington, Va.  It was my first time back in 5 years. 

We have always been received with love and it was a great experience for those on this trip. 

Our mission this year was different, too early for a VBS, so we focused on a campaign of prayer for the Church and the Community. 

Now bear with me while I explain a little here…

If you look at the photo album on my Facebook, you would think all we did was visit.

Sunday we focused on prayer for the Church. We asked the church family (around 30-35) to fill out their request. We asked them to dream, too express their wants for the Lexington community and the Church family.  Some 30+ request were turned in that day and one of the members prayed for them that evening. We took our time, didn’t look at the clock, prayed fervently…together.  We sang together and studied from Gods word. 

Monday was Memorial Day:

Needless to say the City of Lexington  with all it’s history had a beautiful Memorial Day celebration. Afterwards, we spoke with the citizens, “How Can We Pray for You?” Veterans, residents, public officials, even the Mayor had request for prayer. 

A second ceremony was held at the Field of Memories at the Hampton Inn (where we were staying) 274 American flags filled a lot next to the Inn. Remembrance, bagpipes, a bugler playing taps made a very emotional time. Yes, we asked them the same question, “How Can We Pray for You?” 

That evening, 30 request for prayer were prayed for…from the community. And yes, the gospel was preached.

Tuesday was house to house. Generally, a door knocking yields little, but when you ask about praying and tell them that’s what your doing tonight, people are willing to give you a request. 

32 request for Tuesday’s prayer. 

Wednesday I met with some of the men from the church to hear their needs, wants and dreams for the church. We prayed…diligently. 

One of the needs they mentioned was the sign out front. It was in some need of TLC. Our team made a decision to make that their mission for the day, They trimmed hedges, raked the front, took the sign apart (literally) scraped and painted it and landscaped around it. 

It was noticed…people drove by, honking their horns and waving, the next door neighbor stopped and thanked them for their task. The church that evening saw it and you would have thought they had a NEW sign! 

Wednesday night we had 60+ people at the service. We ended the week the way we started, we handed our sheets and asked the Church again, “How Can We Pray for You?” 

This time was different…The prayers were thankful, deeper, personal. 

They got it! Yes, we prayed.

Tears were shed upon leaving, but we always have our prayers and love!

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