It’s All-Star Night!

It’s All Star Night!

I love baseball, my first glove was a Nokona fielders glove. It lasted one year. That’s because they moved me to the catcher position. (Yes, I know I was pretty small…still am!)  I still have that glove!

It was nothing for Russell, Scott, Keith, Jim, Jeff and I to be out behind Russells house pretending to be everyone that played the game during our era… Johnny Bench, Willie Stargell, Brooks Robinson, Boog Powell (one of my personal favorites because he wore a batting helmet in the field) and of course Mickey Mantle and then “Hammering Hank”!  Wish we could play “Fly’s and Skinners” again!

I sometimes think the movie “The Sandlot” could have been written about us. (If you were to see us kids you would think so too!) Of course every boy who grew up playing backyard ball could make this claim!

As I sit here tonight watching the All-Stars on TV my mind drifts back… 

I have been surrounded by All Stars my entire life! 

My CHILDHOOD FRIENDS…even though there are miles that separate us and now some are no longer here, when we see each other, it’s like yesterday.  You are my All-Stars!

My MENTORS – These were men and women that molded me and made me who I am today. It’s Rhedd Wilder who took five young men into a small classroom and made us turn to Number 82 in Sacred Selections and learn to lead “Brighten the Corner Where You Are”. Olin Warmack who taught me about Jesus and led me to becoming a Christian, To Alton, who told me, “Jr. you can do this” Every time I was home, “You are preaching Sunday!” and I did. You are my All-Stars!

My PEERS – (both young and old) today. Too many to mention…seriously. So many of you have encouraged, built me up, been there for me (through the good and the bad). You are my All-Stars!

My FAMILY – There is only one word that sums this up. LOVE. We walk this journey we call life together. There are the joys and the pains. Through it all LOVE remains. The fact that my wife is “the greatest” and the best “cleanup hitter” is no secret. She keeps me in check. My daughter is still my joy  and Mom, well she can hold her own even at 86. (She’s watching the game right now, and a little upset they pulled Freddy Freeman out of the game).  These are my SUPER All-Stars! 

The game will be over in a bit, there will be a winner and a loser. 

In my All-Star life…I’m a winner.

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