Back to School? Remind Them…

Back to School?

It’s that time…children will walk through the doors of their schools and another year of education will begin. 

There will be the thousands of photos from the first day of Kindergarten to the last first day of the Senior year.

Mom’s will cry…Dad’s do too! (just out of sight)

What are some things to expect? You have tried to prepare your child for ANYTHING they might SEE and HEAR. 

Guess what? You can’t prepare for it all! There will be some things that are totally awesome and there will be some things that make you want to throw up!

But here are a few things I think that need to be considered daily…

1, Remind them daily who they are…they are an individual, just like others, they have worth, abilities and capabilities to be what THEY want to be. 

2. Remind them who they belong to…Don’t tarnish the family reputation, and if the reputation of the family is tarnished, do your best to build it back up! 

3. Remind them to look after others…the first time student in a new school, the one that lost a family member to death. The scared, the lonely, the sad. 

4. Remind them to laugh… at themselves, with others. With the joyous and hilarious things that will happen. Laugh at your teachers corny jokes he or she told your parents when they were their student. Laugh…a lot!

5. Remind them that prayer has NEVER left school…God will listen to them, anytime, anywhere. He is listening when others will not.

6. Remind them to have fun…build memories that will last a lifetime. When you are older, those friends will more than likely not be around. Remember the stories.

7. Remind them the greatest gift is love. You will NOT like everything you see, everything you hear and everything done around you. LOVE them. 

Remind them…you love them!

Have a great year!

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