17 Years…

17 years…
So I made a decision…
I am sending my Bible to be rebound.
Now you may think this was an easy thing to do, let me tell you … it’s not.
This Bible has been with me a long time, actually longer than any other that I have owned. The rips, the tears, the markings the stains from the rains and yes, even some tears. This has been 17 years.
I was speaking to the man that will rebind it and I felt like I had to tell him the story. He was kind and listened carefully. He said “I understand”.
I can’t think of a SINGLE day in the last 17 years that I have not opened it, read from it, marked in it.
Too many stories to mention here…
I know it sounds silly, but it has been something I have relied upon.
It fits like a glove.
I will anxiously wait it’s return…refreshed and renewed.
Interesting enough, that’s what this book does for me.
Every day!
By the way, I do have another…
Thanks for listening!

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