These Two Kids

These two kids….

It was 35 years ago today these two stood together and made a vow to each other. 

I remember it oh so well, 

Mom asking me if I was ready, I said, “Yes, Ma’am” She said then why do you have you tennis shoes on? I had left my dress shoes at the house…(We got them!) 

Pam out shopping with friends till the last minute!!!!

The music playing “The Wedding Song (There Is Love)”

During rehearsal the doors opened and Pam would come down the aisle.

On the day of the wedding…

The first verse played….No Pam.

The Chorus…No Pam.

My Dad, my best man…leans in to me and said, “She ain’t coming son!”

Last verse, 

Then those doors opened.

You came down, we listened to the preacher….

For 45 minutes…..(sigh)

The ring bearer played with your dress….

We said the “I do’s”

Shared the kiss.

Ate the cake!

And we closed the church building down! 

We were the last ones to leave, (with just a few friends and family still there!)

We still close the building today after worship!

We look back and we laugh,

I love this thing they call life…

We have had our ups and downs, Love prevails.

Our journey is not over, it get’s better every day. 

Faith, Family and Friends help us along the way. 

I thank God…for you…for us.


Happy Anniversary!  Let’s eat some cake!

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