A Change In Seasons

A Change in Seasons…

It’s time for Autumn or Fall as some call it. I know all have a favorite season even though some do not get to experience all four. 

Living in Middle Tennessee I am blessed to see all four. 

While I think most people look at the depth of the season (the peak of the leaves for example), I love the beginning of the change. 

The tips of the leaves changing color for fall, 

The leaf that falls for winters scene,

The bud that appears for spring,

The depth of green for summers growth. 

I love the change.

I love the changes of life, even the ones I have and am experiencing.

The joy of the announcement of a child.

The happiness as the child enters the world.

Crawling, toddling, walking.

Those awkward stages of life.

From holding hands with Mom and Dad to holding hands to the first “love”.

High school, College, Trade School

Searching for self…

Finding yourself.

Raising an family…

Growing Older…

REPEAT the previous statements – except this time you watch this happen.



Yes, even the course of death, for blessed are those that die in the Lord.

I love the changes in Seasons…The Seasons of Life..

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