The View It Keeps Changing

This View it keeps changing…

Every time I come to this house it seems the view keeps changing. The porch is the same. Those chairs and swing are the same. The houses are the same. It’s just like it was as I grew up here as a child.

This porch is where my dad would sit after working in the field or cutting the grass, to watch the cars go up and down the road and fuss about them driving to fast. 

Dad is no longer here.

The view has changed…

I would run out that door to yell at that house to call Russell, 

“Hey, Russ!!!”

(Sometimes it would take two or three good yells!)

Riding bikes, playing ball, Pine cone wars (not recommended) and any trouble we could get into was a normal day on McElderry Rd.

That view has changed, Russ isn’t here anymore.

You cant see it but the house across the road was where Betty and Scott lived. Scott had the greatest football yard. When your 10 years old that 30 yard field seemed like 100 yards. The amount of sweat, tackles and pain in that yard by a slew of young boys can’t be measure. 

I remember when Scott’s mom (Betty) would come home. She always looked her best with that bouffant hair style . She loved us kids and treated us like her own.

That view has changed, Betty is no longer here.

That view changed on Sunday, and today my heart hurts a little more. 

Aunt Daisy (Russell’s Mom) passed away.  Eighty-eight years of age, but a lifetime of memories from this view. I will only share a couple of memories, although I could write a book. 

She treated us like we belonged to her…honestly we did. Family took care of family, whether you were a Stephens (her maiden name) or a Bittle. These families took care of each other, and still do. Her children were the greatest! She made sure that they were taken care of, Whether it was Gerald and Ernestine in the band or watching Russell in any sporting activity, she was their biggest fan.  

Family Matters.

She loved the Lord’s church. Gospel Meetings, VBS, fellowship, and her favorite thing to do outside of worship, was the singings that took place at the Munford church of Christ. 

She would fill a car full of children to take them to our VBS. I can still see that two-tone, teal green and white Ford Fairlane pulling up the road stopping and honking the horn and kids running to get in the car. I promise you, we could get 20 kids in that car along with a dog or two. 

She loved the Lord, she loved the children, she loved the church. 

I love this view outside this door for brings so many wonderful memories. 

I loved my Aunt Daisy. I will miss her greatly. 

The view changed from this house today Aunt Daisy is no longer here. 

Her view got brighter and more beautiful on Sunday!

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