What If?

What If?

Tonight Dale and I and our wives dressed up for our annual Trunk or Treat. 

Mario and Luigi! 

Before our wives got there we went out to the parking lot as families were getting their trunk and displays ready, One of the families were setting up and Mom saw us from a distance and called out to her children, “boy’s come here!” 

Here come her 2 boys (elementary and preschool age) and guess how they were dressed….yep Mario and Luigi!!! They had to get their mustaches on and get their picture made with Mr. Dale and Mr. Jerry! 

We take a couple of photos and laugh a little bit and had a great evening with close to 1300 coming through for our event. 

During the event, I noticed a couple of time that these boys came to the entrance where Dale and I (and now our wives dressed like us), first to get their candy from us, then I noticed that they were watching… the people coming in.. the children in costume. 

They were watching Mr. Dale…Mr. Jerry…as we ministered to the community by welcoming people to our place. 

We closed out a great evening together by meeting and planting seeds among a lot of people.

I came home…

I saw this picture.  My mind is going a hundred miles an hour. 

It keeps saying…What If?

What if the little one in that Mario costume is the next Dale Jenkins! 

What if he is the one that greets people and brings them to know the Lord!

What if he is willing to look beyond self and look at others, to love, to care, to have compassion.

What if he is the next to serve in a foreign land or maybe just serve his community.

What if that one in Luigi suit, wants to be like Mr. Jerry!

What if he makes people laugh!

What if he loves little ones, (and big ones too!)

What if he loves working with someone like Mr. Dale!

And then I think…

They are watching us…

They are listening to us…

So WE need to be the BEST WE can be to WHOMEVER WE are around.


Because of the What If’s

P.S. Mom and Dad you are doing a GREAT job!

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