I’m an Optimist!

So maybe, I’m a optimist. 

I believe in the good of people. I also believe that there are no bad people. I do believe that people do bad things, but I still believe in the good.

So many times we have spoken about the fall of man, we now have statistics on this and that (I’m not against statistics) but many times we allow them to be the rule of the law. 

If something is going wrong with the world, it’s always going to be bad with no hope of return.

Doom and gloom

If I may use my Alabama vernacular here…hogwash.

I believe the Lord’s church will be fine.


It’s simple. God said it would be. Let God do His work.

And you do yours… If you want things to fail with people, just keep believing they will fail, do nothing to encourage, nothing to help, just do…well nothing.

Keep complaining, putting down, discouraging everything about the Lord’s church and…

It will fail. 

BUT (this word eliminates the previous paragraph) 

Believe that people will change, encourage those to do right while overcoming the wrong. Do something, somewhere, somehow!

Speak positively about the Lord’s church (by the way, it belongs to Him, not us)

Believe in the imperfect people that are a part of this perfect way to take us back home to the Father. Have faith in the plan given by the Father through HIS word.

Be confident that We will be just fine!

And we will.

Yes, I an optimist…why? Because I know the final answer for the faithful.

I hope you are an optimist too!

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