THE Recipe…

Ah…the times when families get together, sharing love, joy and stories together while gathered around a table full of delectable foods prepared with time and love.



Stuffing for the other people..

Turnip greens

Green Beans

That Jello fruit salad



Yeah…you get it! All the greatest food in the world.

You and I both know all of the time spent in the kitchen (days) preparing for this feast that will last for three to five days….(I’m counting leftover meals)

The one question that inevitably come up is “when will we get The Recipe?” meaning, How can I make dressing like my Mom made?

This has come up more than one time in my house. If you ask Mom, she will tell you it’s not that hard….right Mom, you have been making it for 87 years (pretty sure that you got it from Grandmama Bittle)!  You even have this recipe written down on a card. 

Uh….we have tried the card…I don’t believe you told us every thing. 

Add salt….ok, how much? You pour it in your hand, then add. 

Onions…which kind? How do I know how to pick one?

What size bowl or pan? I like a lot of dressing.

So, again you will have to make this dressing from THE RECIPE not the one written on that card, but the one that is made from your heart. 


We will use the pan that you have used for over 60 years, (I really believe that makes a difference) You will use the measurements that will come back to your mind, because this has been a part of our meals for a long time!

The greatest part of THE RECIPE is the way that you know people love it! That is why you have loved making it for so long. 

Wait…maybe that is it! THE RECIPE, the ingredients go all together but maybe it’s the fact that WE love it so much because YOU love making it for us!  

I like a RECIPE filled with LOVE!!!

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