Those Empty Chairs

Those empty chairs

I know a lot of people are watching and waiting for the Christmas holiday to begin. It’s an exciting time filled with joy and happiness….


When the family goes to sit at the table and that chair is empty. We all know the one. A Father, Mother, Brother or Sister is no longer here. Maybe a Grandparent or Cousins chair is empty. 

And so is your heart. 

Then there is the awkward silence. Family members don’t know what to say or do. Some will talk your ear off to avoid the absence. You might want to hide, stay away or you might want to be around as many people as possible.

Everyone is different and each have their own coping skills. What might help one, might bring pain to another. It is worth hearing and seeing what people do. 

Again, this will not work for all, but here are a few suggestions. 

  1. Face the emptiness with family and friends. While there are times to be alone, rely on your family and friends for comfort and strength. 
  2. Make sure your church family is there!
  3. Talk.  Remember. Laugh. Cry. Listen. 
  4. Honor the one who is absent. Pay respects. Write your favorite memories down. 
  5. Remember you are loved. Let people love you. 

That chair will never be filled, another person might set there, that memory will always remain. 

Feel the comfort supplied to you by a loving Father in Heaven.  He knows what it is like to have an empty chair. 

Love you all!

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