The Letter for the Future

The Letter for the Future

As this year comes to an end, you will put your signature on another year of your life. Many will look back and you will see your success and failures. You will dwell on them, you will see  sorrow (and feel it too). You will remember the happiest of times and that smile will come upon your face. You will laugh a little inside.


You have signed the end of that letter.

If the Lord wills… your new letter begins at 12:00am January 1.

How will it start?

What will the content be?

Who will be included in that letter?

Will it be painful?

Will it be joyful?

Just remember, YOU write the letter.

CHALLENGE: At some point in the next day, sit down, write yourself a letter, fill it with realistic thoughts, dreams, goals for one year. Put it in an envelope. SEAL IT, mark it to open it on December 31st.

At the end of the year, open it read it. See where you are. 

Your life letter is written by you, you make the choices of the content, you pen every thought. Others read your life by what they see. Make sure it is a letter worth reading!

Happy New Year!!

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