Dear Mom and Dad…. from your Unborn Child

Mom and Dad, (just a reminder),

Today is a special day! Today I was conceived and a soul was given to me! I’m so excited to be growing inside of my mom for the next few months (sorry about making you sick those first few weeks mom). I really hope that you and dad know the importance of what is coming ahead, not only in your life, but what will happen in mine!

I want to remind you in the beginning that you are responsible for me, not Grandma, Grandpa or especially weird Uncle Harry. You are responsible to raise me the way that God has asked you to. Now, it is okay to get the help you need from those around you, but I want you to remember that you are responsible and God is watching how you take care of me not just physically, but especially spiritually. Make sure that I am around people that love God, Jesus and His church.  Read the Bible often, it will guide you in guiding me.

For quite a while, I will not know the difference between right and wrong, but you will, and you will need to remind me to stay away from things that will hurt the soul that you are responsible for. I will grow to understand these differences in time. You just keep guiding me the way that God tells you to.

I will make mistakes, I will sin (whatever that is), and it will break your heart when I do. Make sure that you are there to correct me in love and please help me get back on track. There will come a day when I will take responsibility for the soul that God has given me.  As much as I kick and fuss about baths now, I will gladly have my sins washed away in baptism because you will have taught me of my responsibility to God by guiding me to this point.  You will no longer be responsible. I will gladly take this responsibility.

But it is your responsibility to get me here…

Make a plan to teach me about God every day. Pray with me while I’m inside of mom, Dad. Sing to me about God, Jesus and Love. Take me to worship and Bible classes…a lot! I will be tired and grumpy, but I promise you when I’m older I will never regret (and neither will you) having me at events with the church. In fact I will thank you.

One day God will require all of our souls to come back to Him. I pray that all of our family will be together. That will be a great day!

Until then…thanks for loving me and taking care of my soul. I can’t wait to see your beautiful faces!

This was written in January of 2015, but still prevalent today!

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