The Light Didn’t Dim…It Just Got Brighter!

The Light Didn’t Dim…It Just Got Brighter.

Stan Mitchell as many in the Freed Hardeman world new as a teacher, preacher, missionary and friend finished the leg of this physical journey. We became friends several years ago and had many conversations. 

He was easy to love…

Just ask any student that had him as a teacher. He genuinely cared for each student and did his best to create a relationship with them.

He loved the world…

He wanted the world to know Jesus, obey Jesus and follow Jesus. 

He loved young people…

He would often jest at me for being the “Elder Minister of Youth” but shared a passion in forming and leading young minds to Love God, Love the Word and Be the Difference in this world! 

He loved God..

Just listen to his lessons, sermons, read his writings…

Even better, look at his life, his passion, his family.

ALL evidence of love for God.

Many may think that his passing made the world a littler darker today, I totally disagree, I believe the light of the world just got brighter because of the life he lived. 

Brighter because of..

For Jesus

The Church

The Students

The Mission field he loved and served

Freed-Hardeman – Faculty and friends

If your life was touched by this man, your life was touched because of the light of Jesus that was in this man.

Shine on my friends,

Stan, you will be missed for a while on this side of eternity, God Bless You, Go with God.

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