Tell Me Your Story

Tell Me Your Story!

I had a class not long ago with our teens and their parents, a quarter of bonding and learning about each others faith. 

One session I had planned was one called tell “Your Story”, a class based on the telling of how you became a Christian.

I began the class by asking the question to the parents, “Do your children know your conversion story?”  Many of the children just knew that their parents were Christians but did not know the “why” they became a Christian. The parents had never shared this important time of their life.

I then turned the question around to the parents…”Do you know your child’s conversion story?”  Of course there were smiles and hearts aglow as they made statements.  “It happened at church camp” or “yes that Sunday morning at church!” 

I then restated the question… 

What led them to their decision? 

Why did they become a Christian? 

We know about the baptism, but what about the conversion?

When I read about the conversion of Saul of Tarsus, Paul retells his conversion story in Acts 22 and again in chapter 26. It was a story worth telling.

YOUR story is worth telling!

I didn’t know why my mom  became a Christian until a few years ago, I knew she was a Christian, but why? The only reason I can tell you my fathers story is that I was there the day it happened! 

I asked the class to share at home their stories of conversion. I prayed it made the families closer. I ask them to write their stories down, so they could be passed through the generations to come. 

Write your conversion story down, share it with your family and your friends!

Just remember….YOUR story, might lead others to have THEIR story!

I would love to hear your story!

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