His Name is Scott

His Name is Scott

Back in the summer of 1981, I took my first summer internship at the Oxford church of Christ in Alabama. 

20 going on 21 years of age I was excited about the opportunity of working with a congregation and a minister that would help me in my ministry. They had a great number of young people and were very active. 

The first Sunday I was there I was in class and in come this young man, I couldn’t tell his age, but it was obvious that he had Downs Syndrome. In my mind I thought “what will I do?” I have never had this discussed with me, had zero experience….I was scared I might do something wrong. 

He come up to me and said, “My name is Scott!” 

“Hi Scott, I’m Jerry!”, He repeated my name two or three times.

After everyone in class settled in, (Scott among them) we began class. Scott raised his hand.  Yes, Scott?  “Pray?” He was asking to lead the prayer. 

Uh…sure go ahead. 

Dear God….followed by words I couldn’t understand, I caught a few words, Mama – trees, and Amen,

All I know is that it was the most sincere prayer offered from the heart. Scott prayed.

He led a song in the auditorium, (Jesus loves Me) greeted everyone each service and His Mom made sure he was at EVERY service! 

He loves Jesus!

Scott wanted to go to Six Flags with the Youth Group but his Mom wasn’t comfortable. So I made a deal. You and I will go together. We went one day, he had the best time, Roller Coasters, Eating…shows, More EATING, trying to keep him back was tough…but we had a blast!

That summer, while I learned son much from elders and deacons and the preacher at that congregation, the greatest lesson I learned was unconditional love, learn to hug, love everyone.

Life moved on…fast forward 30 years. I graduated college, began working with young people, even some with special needs.  I had taken a group to Rainbow Omega (a home for special needs adults)  for a visit of their facilities. We were with the residents and all of a sudden I heard…”Jerry”, I turned and looked and this adult man comes up to me…looks and says, 

“ My name is Scott!”

I recognized him and my heart melted…we hugged and talked a bit. 

Today is “Down Syndrome Awareness Day”. I thank God for the young man that changed another area of my life!

His Name is Scott!

To learn more about Rainbow Omega click this link:


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