Little Hands – Little Feet

Little Hands – Little Feet

Quite often when I hold a newborn child, the one thing that I notice are the hands and the feet! Tiny hands, long toes each child with their own. I often will pray with parents as they begin to raise this precious soul in this world.


Those feet will follow the way that you lead. 

Fathers: that is your task, to lead your family in the way of the Lord. 

Love your wives, pray with them YOU lead. Lift her high to your children. Make her the best Mom in the world. Show your children how much you love her. 

Provide for them…The Spiritual leadership that you are commanded by God to do. Provide the Physical needs. Don’t be lazy, it’s your responsibility. 

Little Hands and Little Feet will follow.

Moms: Love your husbands, follow their lead as the husband leads your family in the way of the Lord. Your children will watch how you love their Dad, if you pray together, read God’s word together. Worship together. Be the Mom you are asked to be…caring, loving showing God’s love in all that you do!

Little Hands and Little Feet will follow.

Mom’s and Dad’s…be the Parents.

Oh and by the way…

Worshipping should NEVER be an option…it is obedience to God!

Children…it is commanded to you to obey your parents. God has told them how to raise you. It is their responsibility to lead your souls back to God.

Your parents will stand before God someday and give account of how they have raised you.

Obey them. 

You are the Little hands and Little feet!

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