Happy Birthday Dad! 

Today you would be 90 years old. There is so much that has happened since you have been gone, but in a short statement all is good. 

There are some things that I still miss, (I guess I always will) This time of the year we would be talking about fishing. The dogwood trees are blooming and I’m pretty sure the crappie are biting real good right now. What I would give to just go grab the cane poles and stick them in the window of that 56 Ford and go fishing again. Mainly just to set and talk. 

Mom is well and has had some pretty good days. She still is the best at The Price is Right and I think she and Pam competes for Wheel of Fortune. She still misses you and around this time of the year is gets pretty hard on her. I think she misses cooking for you. Especially cakes. 

Oh yes, She still watches the Braves and she will tell you they stink! I am going to sign her up for manager. 

We have a new gift, Her name is Mila Dean and she is beautiful! You would be so proud of her. I know how you felt each time we drove into the driveway at the house and you were the first out the door to get Danae out of the car. Danae is a great Mom and she has a good man that genuinely cares for her. I pray I can be the best “Pop” for her like you were the best “Pawpaw”. 

I wish you could see Mom around her name-sake! She just lights up and can’t wait to hold and talk to her. When Mila Dean smiles, it’s contagious. We all smile! 

I hold our memories so close Dad, and I try to use the things you taught me for the good. Sometimes, I hear your voice in my head, and that brings me comfort.

I miss you.

Happy 90th Birthday Dad!

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