That House Across the Road

That House Across the Road…

Upon returning from Church Camp on Friday, I was made aware of the loss of another childhood friend. 

Scott Smith lived across the road from me and there were VERY few days that we didn’t see each other. We went to school together, played together. Drove our cars (a bit too fast together) basically, we were brothers during that time. 

Scott had the BIG front yard, and it was perfect for playing football. It was nothing to get off the bus run in the house and put on you “play clothes” and meet at Scotts. Russell, Greg, Phil, the George boys from the back, would play the roughest game of tackle for hours. I have the scars to prove it! There was no clock, only the sun and the “dusk to dawn” light.

We were older and we would camp out in a clearing in the back fields at Scott’s, nothing big, nothing special, just kids. However there was that one time we decided to venture into town. (If you are from Munford then you know what this was like in 1970’s) We got a bit too loud, riding bikes in the early morning hours. I remember first it was Aunt Daisy (Russells Mom) that yanked him off the bike and took him home, next it was my Mom, who pulled me in the house would not let me go to sleep and made me work with Dad the entire next day! Then there was Betty, Scotts mom, who quietly call him in and from his description the next time, he said he got the whooping of his life!

The last time I had the chance to see Scott face to face was at my cousin Russells funeral. It was almost like we had never missed a beat. Although, he lived in Missouri, he was still Munford in heart. We told each other “Roll Tide” every week during football season, and never forgot each others birthdays. 

Miles and time may have taken us away from each other, but there is one thing for sure. Every time I pull onto McElderry Rd and see that House Across the Road, I will cherish the friendship and memories of a dear friend, a brother. I will miss you Scott.

Roll Tide

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