My Independence

Written about four years ago…

Today is the day that was set long ago,
to celebrate independence and the freedom we know.

You will go out and shop and cook on the grill,
You will watch the fireworks at night, oh, what a thrill!

But will you think of that moment, when men signed their name,
and sacrificed their lives for a freedom we all claim?

Using God as their guide, they mapped out their plan,
knowing there could be trouble, taking the life of man.

Freedom did not come without a cost, and many have lost their lives,
Blood was shed on the battlefields, through the struggle and strife.

In the end, we have always come through,
We still enjoy the freedoms, the founding fathers signed for you.

We will still go through trials and be put to the test,
I’m glad I live here! it still is the best.

I will fight for my faith, my beliefs and my land!
For with God as our guide, I will use His guiding hand!

I will thank Him today, for the freedom that rings,
and in my heart to Him I’ll sing!

So today when you raise the Red, White and Blue
Don’t you forget what God has done for you!

Happy Independence Day!

Love you all,

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