The Road to Sixty – Day 2

The Road to Sixty

Worship, the most important part of my day today. I love the Lord…as the old song says, “He has been so good to me” but this is the youth group at Spring Meadows, every prayer they have linked hands in prayer to God. They love each other or as the sermon from today challenged us to let others know that we love them. 

Tonight, a dear brother came up to me, put his arm around my neck and looked me in the eye and told me he loved me. He then began to tell me why. He spoke of our youth group and the way they act and show their love.  I love this dear brother and reciprocated the love to him. What he doesn’t know is what he means to me in my life, I will tell him this week. 

Who will you tell your love for? 

Don’t wait…do it today!

Till tomorrow…

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