The Road to Sixty – Day 3

The Road to Sixty – Day 3

Interns – I’m not sure of the true definition of this word, but I can give you one from me. A young person that has a desire to serve the Lord in a special capacity. Not for the pay, not for the glory, but mainly for the glory of the Lord.

Someone one asked me if I did an Internship and i would proudly say yes! Then I realized we were HIRED summer youth ministers for congregation. We didn’t have another Youth Minister to work with, it was generally the preacher whom we shared time and taught us the role of ministry. I had two of these opportunities. The first in Oxford, Alabama with Charles Box and the second at the Washington Ave, Church of Christ in Evansville, Indiana. 

Today, most of the interns work with Youth Ministers during the summer months. They work tirelessly, planning and organizing. The girls spend time with the girls helping with the areas that we cannot deal with, but we pray about them, shed tears and pray for the souls of OUR teens. 

Not all will go into full time ministry. In fact, some of my past interns (I have had over 30), are very successful, They are doctors, teachers, missionaries, businessmen, Moms and Dads, the list goes on.

I learned more from them than they did from me.   

Thank you.

My prayer is that they will and have learned to love God a bit more deeper, that they will love each and every soul they come across. It has been my prayer that i have been to them what God wanted me to be. 

I look forward to the reunion with them some day.

Till tomorrow…

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