The Road to Sixty – Day 5

The Road to Sixty – Day 5

Let the Older Teach the Younger…

Took the opportunity today to take these young men to The Bridge Assisted Living in Columbia. Because of summer activities with the youth group I have to postpone the classes I teach here and at Poplar Estates. It’s really a neat situation, I can walk in week after week for a Bible Study, but the minute these young people come with me, their faces light up! They love the conversation, they want to know more about them. 

i have been holding Bible classes in Nursing Homes and Assisted Livings for over 30 years. Someone once asked me, “do you really think that falls in line with youth ministry?” My answer has never changed over the years, When I can take young people to see these loving, compassionate people and spend 30 minutes a week with them, they will never forget them. The WWII veteran, the Doctor that cared for thousands, the lady that sang in Hitlers Youth Choir as a child before being delivered. What better way to learn about life than from those that have lived it!  Even more so, how to live it faithfully for the Lord!

I’m thankful for this opportunity each week! You should try it too!

Till tomorrow…

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