The Road to Sixty – Day 6

The Road to Sixty – Day 6 


Today was a road trip to a congregation we will be working with in a few days. While traveling with the Interns my mind drifted back to how many miles that young people have traveled serving the Lord. How many vans and buses have been worn out serving communities, picking up children (and adults) and introduced them to the saving power of Jesus Christ. How many homes have been built and repaired. How many wells have been dug, how many bags of groceries have been delivered to the hungry and poor. 

All in the name of Jesus. 

I cannot recall how many vehicles I have seen replaced because of being worn out. I do remember the first was a 1988 Dodge. It stayed in the shop more than we  drove it…so it seemed. Coke spills, left over wrappers, finding the hidden garbage a month later. Oh yes, the car sick riders! 

And I wouldn’t trade a thing or miss a mile. Thanks for riding with me on this journey!

I hope there are few more miles left in me, especially in this journey. I hope and pray we travel a lot more working and serving the Lord.

Till tomorrow…

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