The Road to Sixty – Day 7

The Road to Sixty – Day 7

This Guy…

There are people that come into your life just at the right time. Dale is one of those guys. When asked to come and work with Spring Meadows 6 years ago, Dale and I sat down and discussed our plan and goals in working together. 

The one thing that we both agreed on is I don’t want to preach, and He does not want to be a Youth Minister. Now don’t get me wrong each of us can do these things, but we love our respective works. 

And we LOVE the Lords’ Church!

Friday we traveled to Faulkner University where we will both will be speaking on Saturday.  I drove this trip and it doesn’t take much for Dale to go to sleep. If he is not driving…he is sleeping.

I love that we get to serve Spring Meadows and I love that Spring Meadows allows us to work in what we call Kingdom Work, traveling and helping ministers and other youth ministers. 

What a joy to work with my brother and my friend!

Till tomorrow…

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