The Road to Sixty – Day 8

The Road to Sixty – Day 8

9 miles 

It is 9 miles from Munford, Alabama to Oxford, Alabama. 

Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s we just didn’t travel that much to each town.  Schools kept to themselves… Oxford was the BIG school and Munford was that small rural town school. 

Lonnie Jones grew up in Oxford and I grew up in Munford…9 miles apart.

And we never knew each other. 

We grew up in the church…Lonnie in his town, me in mine. We knew families…but not each other.  He went to Harding, I went to FHU, our paths didn’t cross. Lonnie was / is in youth ministry. 

You would have thought that our friendship began 50 plus years ago. (I am older)  i do not have nor do I know why we became close friends until the last 15 -20 years. CYC and M2Y in the midst of other events have brought us closer. 

We were at Faulkner today and I heard him speak and he still has the passion and desire for the Lord and it lights the fire in me!

Each time we see each other, we talk of home…Munford and Oxford, Cheaha Mountain. Smiths, Lackeys, Browns, Bittles and Elders and Jones. Might even talk about a man name John Rice. 

I’m glad that Lonnie is my brother and my friend, I am thankful for the relationship we have and that we get to serve the Lord together! 

Love you my friend!

Till tomorrow …

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