The Road to Sixty – Day 9

The Road to Sixty – Day 9

Webb – Need I Say More?

After a beautiful day of worship at Spring Meadows, I have come home to reflect…believe it or not, I do that quite a bit. Tonight, I’m thinking of my brother, friend and partner in camp chaotic’s – Webb Williams.  

We have been friends a long time. If there are photos of Maury Christian Camp, Horizons, Lock-ins, Theme Parks…you have probably seen our picture together…many times. 

We have been Blues Brothers, Ghostbusters, Power Rangers, Geppetto and Pinocchio and many other characters. 

He is compassionate, caring, loving, considerate and selfless. He loves the Lords church and he loves young people. I’m glad that thousands of young people have been influenced by him. 

We have been together through thick and thin times. He was there with support and love. We have laughed together and shed tears together. 

If you need a friend, get you one like Webb. If you need a friend call Webb!

Thanks for being my friend!

Till tomorrow

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