The Road to Sixty – Day 10

Road to Sixty – Day 10

Wallace “Red” Wilder

The photo is of a songbook from the Munford Church of Christ. Sacred Selection is what I grew  up on and the Munford church was very well known as a singing congregation. It has also had MANY song leaders to come from this church. 

Today, I noticed that it is the 10th anniversary of Red Wilders passing from this life. His family grew up in Munford, His mother, Bernie Wilder was my Sunday School teacher when I was little and I remember spending hours memorizing Bible verses for her classes. 

It was Bro. Wilder that taught us young men to lead singing. I recall that he would come by on a Wednesday night to our Bible class and pick a few young men to come to a small room and there we would learn to lead a song. 

Number 82 – 8-2- Brighten the Corner Where you Are

The first song I ever led… On a Wednesday night we would get up and go behind the pulpit and lead the song we had practiced. Everyone did great! Then when I got up…went behind the pulpit…  there was a problem. 

I couldn’t see over the pulpit. (maybe that wasn’t a bad thing) all the audience could see was my hand beating time and the number of fingers for the next verse. 

The next time there was a Coca-Cola crate for me to stand on! 

I don’t know how many times I have lead worship or been involved with singings. I give credit to Bro. Red teaching and showing me the confidence I could have in leading for the Lord.

Karen, Mark and Tracey and Sister Wilder. The influence he had on MANY people in MANY areas will go on for generations. Thank you for letting me be a part of your family!

Can’t wait to sing again with him in heaven! Brighten the Corner…Shine for Jesus where you are!

Till tomorrowRoa

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