The Road to Sixty – Day 11

The Road to Sixty – Day 11


Today I got to be with a couple of the good guys….

Dale and I met Larry Davenport in Huntsville to discuss a project that will be coming from the CYC group! I love Larry’s vision and LOVE for the Lord and for young people!  He calls us “the Board”  if this is what it’s like to be on the board I should have found him years ago. 

I’m sure that at some point on this road I will bring up more about CYC, but for now I want to thank him for our friendship and that we can serve the Lord in many ways!

Later, I had the opportunity to speak at the Owens Crossroads Church with my friend Paddy Flanagan at their VBS! A tremendous theme with the “Lion of Judah” Thanks for allowing me to speak to the adults!  

Thank you Dale for hanging in there with me today!

Till tomorrow

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