The Road to Sixty – Day 12

The Road to Sixty – Day 12

Had the opportunity to speak at the Northview church of Christ tonight to close out their VBS.  Northview is a special place. When I moved to Columbia it was the Riverside church. Howard Parker was one of the preachers there and what an influence to a young man coming into the ministry. It was Mike Greene who came in and helped the congregation make the move to their current location. (More about Mike later).

Jeremy Butt preaches there now. He and I have been friends quite a while. We worked together for over 11 years and our offices were side by side. He even married a young lady that was in my youth group. 

Through laughter and tears we have relied on each other, his three children are super special to me. Diana is a great helper for him. 

Gospel Meetings, Senior group trips, VBS, Maury Christian Camp. Jeremy has a wonderful talent for interacting with people! 

I am thankful that Jeremy is a servant, a brother and a friend!

Till tomorrow…

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