The Road to Sixty – Day 13

The Road to Sixty – Day 13

Amusement Parks…

Today I went with a group of our Spring Meadows Teens to Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, Ky. 

As always it was a super time! The kids had fun riding rides and just being with each other. Sometimes i think they have more fun just being with each other than the park!

These bus rides are awesome!

I was thinking I have probably been to every amusement park in the southeast at some point or another. I remember trips to Atlanta, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and other places for the theme park experience.

i have had may share of roller coasters, indoor shows, kiddie rides and ride that I just don’t like…(teacups)

I have even sat with those that don’t like riding. (That was kind of fun)

With the group today on some of those rides that make your stomach turn, I would shout to them, “why do I do this” their response was immediate from them, “because you love us!!”

They are right, I do love them, and If i can bear a 60 second ride on the teacups, to watch them laugh at me and with me…It is worth every minute of time with them!

I love the stories on the bus on the way home, most of the time I just set and listen. To hear the joy in their tired voices means it has been another good day!

I have nearly forty years of stories I could tell, I’m sure that if you ever went with me you would have one too! Feel free to share! 

Thanking God for another good day!

Till tomorrow…

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