The Road to Sixty – Day 14

The Road to Sixty – Day 14

Ride Sally Ride…

A little cooler weather called to get the Mustang out today! Windows down, wind blowin’, going down the road. Just relaxing.


So, while stopped at a light, this truck is behind me. He starts racing his engine as if to tell me, I’ve got more power than you. I have the youth interns in the car with me, they are watching this, I don’t know of this guy wanted me to rev the engine, spin the tires or whatever.

16 year old me in that 73 Grand Torino with a 351 Cleveland, would have left a trail of rubber for a quarter of a mile, leaving this guy eating my dust. 

Sorry..I digressed.  

So I did the only thing I knew to do… In my six cylinder 67 Mustang, I became “the old man”.

When the light changed, I took off in my normal, relaxed, slow pace. Taking my time. I’m glad I did because, a little white dog ran out in front of me. I stopped, let it pass, then went on my way. 

We laughed… and went on.  

I thought that would be the end. Nope.

On my way home from Spring Hill, I’m cruising and not speeding, (remember this is a 52 year old car) and another BIG truck pulls up beside me and lets me know that he has a turbo-diesel engine with a very loud exhaust system. He rides ride beside me, constantly revving the engine, setting about 2 feet higher than me. 

The “old man” in me says get in front of him and slow down. 

The young man in me says stay right beside him…

So I let him go on past. 

Here is what I love…when you catch up with that person at the next light and pass them when they are held up by someone else. 

All you can do…is smile!

Till tomorrow…

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