The Road to Sixty – Day 15

The Road to Sixty – Day 15

This is why…

I received a phone call from Robert Brent that their youngest child Matthew had made the decision to become a christian. 

“Could you come out to the camp at 9:30?”

I will be there…

The Brent family was one of the first families I met at Spring Meadows!  Matthew was in our  Spring Meadows Academy program. After his graduation we all went out to eat!  I never laughed as much in my life, Matthew was all excited about going to Kindergarten. 

It is a joy to see the love of the Lord in these faces. 

Katelyn is a pure joy, with a sincere heart and amazing love for the Lord!

When I got to the camp, I also found out that Staley also made the decision to become a christian! 

When I say “this is why”  It’s watching the parents of these children that have taught them the way of the Lord, shed tears of joy as their children were immersed for the remission of their sins.

It’s seeing the love of a grandfather embrace ALL of his grandchildren with tears in his eyes knowing his grandsons are now his brothers.

Being able to witness this today and many before has been a joy! I look forward to seeing MANY more!

Thanks Matthew and Staley for influencing me!

Till tomorrow…

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